Rayway is pleased to announce that after confirming with all of our 2019 graduates from January to December, over 90% are now employed as heavy equipment operators!

Words from successful RAYWAY graduates:

“My decision to attend Rayway Operator Training School was one of the most empowering experiences of my life, and a fantastic investment in my future. The owner Ray is extremely qualified and well informed, not only about job sites and machinery, but also statistics of the industry and business; he takes the lessons of his own experiences and passes it on to his students to allow for a realistic grasp of what his students are preparing for and a well-rounded learning experience. Alongside his very competent staff, Ray helps to create a positive atmosphere both in and outside of the classroom, allowing for hands-on help and instruction, but also by being able to stand back and allow for the kind of growth that only comes with personal struggle and learning to problem solve. They assist and demonstrate in a way that the students develop the tools to complete any task. This school offers a large variety of machinery, making sure that every student is practicing and learning to their best ability. The courses are designed to prepare future machine operators for any job site with technically advanced training and real-world experiences. The training staff checks and critiques all training exercises, giving good feedback and support, which allows for real growth and progress in technical training. We learned not only how to use the machinery, but also how to check it, maintain, and service it. Safety is of the utmost importance in this program, and the instructors are very clear on maintaining extremely high standards of safety statistics and protocol to ensure that every student that graduates from Rayway is competent, smart in their actions, and above all, safe on any job site. Included as part my safety training at Rayway was a BC One Call safety seminar, and BC Hydro Safety Seminar, which are essential components in maintaining a safe job site. Ray truly cares about his students and offers so much support throughout the entire program, and even afterwards; assisting with interviewing skills and resume development. His door is always open for additional questions or concerns, or maybe even a joke or two. I cannot say enough good things about my experience at this school. I have, and will continue, to recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career as a Machine Operator.”

– Travis T.

”My father would often say “buy the best tools, they’ll last longer and won’t let you down when you use them”. Well the same can be said about education and training. My family encouraged me to look into training as an excavator operator as I had had a personal interest in earthworks and earth moving since a child. I looked into what training was available in western Canada, many of the online reviews of schools were not encouraging and it put me off for a while. I asked around and heard comments about Rayway and that the material they were sharing about their training looked good. Rayway was in BC and I am in southern Alberta, so I was concerned that if I was going to sign-on for a course it was going to be a major financial commitment. I’m glad I did. As a mature student, I am over 60 and as mentioned have forty years of work experience, I was not really sure what to expect the first day. It becomes very clear, very quickly that at Rayway, it is not just about skills development, it is also about attitude and commitment, from both the student and the Rayway staff. For the first couple of days I found some things confusing, the insistence on prompt attendance, civility, cleanliness, safety and general good behaviour. I thought those were a given and always expected. But as Ray would share his experiences I came to understand why these things are part of a positive learning and working environment. Make no mistake, the weeks at Rayway are treated as a job, this is not what I suspect public school might be like in the 21st century. Ray and Tessa and Jud were excellent in sharing and stepping in when they thought they should. They were also so patient and left you to try and to experience when I am sure their desire to immediately correct my actions was surging. And when I asked for additional coaching and assistance, it was always provided promptly and with a smile. I came to very much appreciate and enjoy the times when I could get 15 minutes of advice and coaching from Jud and Ray. It built my confidence and desire to try more. So, Good Tools and Good training.. both are a good investment. Attending Rayway Operator Training School was a very worthwhile investment and I am glad I did it.”

– Trevor C.

“I had no idea what to expect when I started training at Rayway but I was pleasantly surprised right away. Ray is approachable and extremely knowledgeable. The way Ray teaches is easy to understand. I learned quickly and was on a machine the first day! I finished with complete confidence on and off the machine. Ray not only got me trained and ready to get into the work force with a great trade but also provided me with the tools, references, support, and job leads I needed to secure employment with a great company. I am so thankful and appreciate to Ray and his team. There is no other school that could compare.”

– Mike I.

“I could never thank Ray enough for the skills he taught me. Prior to Rayway, I worked the classic female jobs, always feeling unsatisfied with my career choice. I knew I had an interest in heavy machinery, but was never given the chance to experience it from a seat. Construction and operating had always been a male dominated industry. Ray put me in a CAT 315, and I was hooked. He took an interest of mine and turned it into a passion. I have Ray to thank for a lifelong career that genuinely makes me happy; watching something take form from nothing, all at the control of my own hands, is the most satisfying thing, and I couldn’t achieve it without the skills I was taught at Rayway. Ray started out just as my instructor, and now he’s become a mentor of mine. I am now employed with my first construction company ever, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Learning to operate an excavator has made it very easy to adapt to other pieces of heavy machinery. Currently with my company, I’ll operate the excavators, backhoe and skid steers, all of which wouldn’t be possible without Rayway on my resume and a head full of knowledge from my time at the school. Thank you so much Ray!!!”

– Samara S.

“Before I started my courses at Rayway, I visited the school with my mother and grandfather to get some information about the courses offered. I knew about 5 minutes after talking with Ray that he was the man I wanted to learn from, with 40+ years of experience I was lucky to find this school. Not having any prior knowledge about Heavy equipment, Ray made me leave the school with everything I needed to know to be an entry level operator. Not too long after I finished the course I found a job with a local construction company where I’m currently living. Thanks to everyone at Rayway, I can now start my future.”

– Tristan H.

“The first time I drove into Rayway I was shocked at the skill level of the students in the field. Little did I know they were only in the 3rd week of training; as Ray told me this, I knew I came to the right place. You learn everything from maintenance to operating, how to look professional while getting the job done. He’s a great teacher and now my mentor. I ended up feeling confident in my abilities and able to hop into almost any excavator. Ray referred me to a job interview and 3 days after my course, I started working for that excavation company! I am now running a CAT 303 excavator. Thanks Rayway!”

– Billy-Ray P.

”I took the 8 week excavator course at Rayway having zero construction experience or really anything transferrable. One week after the course I landed a job with an excavation company! All the staff at Rayway take a personal interest and pride in the success of their students. The course layout is great at easing in people who are intimidated and then challenging them to learn more. I would recommend anyone who is contemplating becoming an operator to go down to the Rayway campus and personally meet the team, you will be very impressed! I understand that to many people the course fee seems high for the time of the course but I can guarantee you it is by far the best value operating school in Western Canada for seat time vs cost. The reality is that the construction industry needs so many operators that those ready and willing to work will make back the cost of the course quickly!!”

– Bryon H.

“I am 40yrs old and was looking to be trained in a different career, Operating Excavators. I did my research on 3 different local Excavator Operator Training Schools and quickly choose Rayway as it was apparent after sitting with all 3 that Ray Richard has the most experience in the industry with a great Safety record. With the bulk of material focused on safety with an emphasis of being responsible as an operator my 6-week course of 240hrs of training gave me the skills and confidence to immediately seek employment as an Entry Level Excavator Operator. I was employed within 10 days of completing my course. Thanks to Rayway Operator Training School and all who work there.”

– Mike L.

“I got a job with an excavating company! How I got the job was by approaching him when he was digging a lot right across my house. I asked him if he needed help, that I have my Certificate; at first, he said no, I said I’ll work for free. He seemed to doubt my ability and said go get the level and measure how deep he needed to go. So, after watching and helping him level, he got his dump truck and loaded himself up then asked if I could grade – I replied yes. So, then I hopped on the machine and graded. The owner came back and said “Good job!” and now I’m helping him with couple other lots. Today I’m digging a lot, leveling and installing a sump. Thanks Rayway for making me employable, couldn’t have done it without Ray, Jud and Kata. When I hopped on the machine I felt confident enough to take on the job!”

– Omar M.

“I am so happy I took the training with Rayway! Ray’s teachings have given me so much confidence here in the real world. Soon after grad, I landed a job with a family owned company; I went for an interview and was hired on the spot. Of course everyone was skeptical about what kind of experience I had, but I guess the right attitude is what helped. The first time the boss saw me operate he complimented my skills. It is awesome when someone asks you to do something and you feel confident saying “no problem”. And that is noticed by those around you… when the guys say “you look like a professional”. It is good when the other trades feel comfortable asking for your services and you are able to exceed what they believed was good. I’ve dug trenches, foundations, parking lots, laid pipe, loaded trucks, etc. I have a challenging project coming up by Lynn Canyon. The training at Rayway has allowed me to operate a range of different equipment in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner. Go the Ray-way!”

– Allan L.

“I took a 5 week Excavator and a 3 week backhoe course at Rayway Operator training school. Within that short time Ray taught me so much. He is an excellent instructor, funny, kind all around great guy. Once I graduated, I found a job within a week and had the knowledge and confidence to operate in a safe manner. While at work I have come into lots of scenarios where practices at Rayway came in handy. I was even able to correct/help other operators in safe work procedures. Without Ray’s instruction I bet it would have taken me years to learn what I did in 8 weeks. If you want to learn how to become a good operator might as well learn from somebody who is as successful as Ray in the industry. Thank you Ray Richard.”

– Robert J.

“I found work building lane way houses, helping with demolishing and digging foundations. Ray Richard is the most knowledgeable and helpful teacher I have ever met. He has shown me the true meaning of what it is to guide someone and to continue guiding them, even after the course; it shows his true love and passion for the industry. If you talk to anyone whether its employers or rental companies, they all recognize Ray’s school and amazing teaching capabilities. I had the privilege of learning from him and benefitted from the doors it has opened. Thank you to Ray, Jud and Kata for the amazing experience I was given!”

– Richard H.

“I found the real life training was a huge asset. It felt more like on the job training than being in school. The instructors were exceptionally understanding and eager to help you become the best you can be in the time frame they have. With the emphasis on machine maintenance and care, it really helped understand how to keep machines in top notch shape no matter the hours on them. All the in class talks and lessons were straight forward and easy to understand, even for some one who hasn’t spent much time around heavy equipment.
With the knowledge and confidence gained in the program I was able to find work in less than a week after graduation from the school. Ray helps as many students as possible with job placement from his extensive contact base, from years in the industry.”

– Hayley S.

“Hey Ray and Crew … I just wanted to let you know that I’m Working full time operating a 2017 Cat 318 FL. I’m working for a Contractor who Builds custom homes. Since I graduated from Rayway 2 months ago, I have put over 300 hours on the Cat 318!! I was put into that machine the day after I left Rayway. I have done a lot of different jobs and tasks on a whole different level that I could of never done without what I learned from you Ray… I came to Rayway with about 500 hours of seat time, but I didn’t know the RIGHT way to tackle many simple tasks, like safe sloping a ditch or even grading. Now my Boss is so happy with my operating skills that I got a huge raise!! I have saved him so much money just because of the variety of tasks I can preform… Thanks again Ray for all your knowledge that you have passed on to me.”

– Brendon B.

“I would recommend the course to anyone. Ray is very knowledgeable and very understanding to everyone’s learning abilities… all in all one hell of a guy. Just wanted to let you know I got a job with a good company. I handed them my resume about a week ago, they said there was no positions available but I stayed on them every day. Yesterday they had to let their operator go, so they called me up and said they liked my drive and want me to come in. Thanks again Ray, Kata and Jud for everything.”

– Dalton L.

“I’m extremely happy with the training that RAYWAY has provided me. Unforeseen circumstances causing a career change led me into a 6 week course where I was provided with outstanding knowledge, support, invaluable seat time and a positive learning environment. Ray is very knowledgeable and is a skilled operator, a great teacher. After graduation I was able to gain employment within a week based on a referral from RAYWAY. Ray, Jud and Kata were great, I would highly recommend to those interested.”

– Lane D.

“At first I thought I was just going to learn how to run an excavator at Rayway, after six weeks it turned out to be much more than that. Ray teaches you everything you need to know to run an excavator, tasks you will perform on a job site, how to make smart choices, life lessons and much more. I feel now confident on any excavator and ready for work. Thanks Ray! Before I finished school I had a job lined up back home in Revelstoke running excavator, starting the day after the course ended… very excited!”

– Jacob T.

”I went into the course with no prior knowledge about heavy equipment. Not only did I learn to operate I was also taught skills to make me employable as a heavy equipment operator. After I completed the course I started working, taking every chance I could to jump in a machine. Now I run various pieces of equipment and it is all thanks to Ray, Jud and Kata. Thanks again for your training!”

– Ryan W.

“This was totally worth it for me. I was a steel framer for over 4 years and wanted a positive change. I graduated top-of-the-class and landed the job Ray referred me to 1 day after the course was over. Ray is a hell of an operator but an even better teacher. Learned more than just operating. Small business and buying/leasing and how to make it in the business. 100% worth it no doubt about it!“

– Steve B.

“Rayway Operator Training School gave me exactly what I needed! Ray built my confidence, giving me many new skills to set me up for success. Shortly after attending the school, I began my new and exciting career as a machine operator with the railroad company Ray referred me to. I definitely could not have done it without the dedicated training at Rayway. Got hired on at PNR railworks in Abby. Track maintenance around Canada. They really liked that I took your course so the safety and training part I used as my IN to get hired in the interview.”

– Chris D.

“I wanted to let you know that I found a job with a contracting company in less than two weeks after graduation. The Rayway course was well done – it exceeded my expectations. Ray is a solid guy, he makes sure you are set and ready for the real world. I appreciate everything he has done for me. The best six weeks I have spent in a course ever! Great people and a great instructor. Thanks everyone!”

– Jason A.

“I found employment three weeks after taking the Rayway course. The first time I met my new boss, he immediately told me to get in and start grading off a basement to see what I could do. He liked what he saw and asked me to come back the next day and I’ve been working steady ever since.
Thanks Ray for making me employable as within 15 minutes of showcasing the skills I obtained from you, I was hired full time. Also, thank you for the continued support and contact far after the course ended. Rayway goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations!”

– Dennis E.

“I am self-employed, doing lot preparations, basement excavations and land clearing. Soon starting subdivision projects – one each in Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Mission. The Rayway course is well paced, awesome instructor, he really wants his students to succeed in their career. He can tailor make it for you so that you are successful in your career, either if you want to become operator, owner-operator or entrepreneur, Rayway is the way to go!”

– Preet D.

“Thanks again for all of your hard work with all of us. I just wanted to let you know that I have successfully completed my first day with a landscape construction company out in Abbotsford just four days after completing my course. They have me running their excavator doing small projects.”

– Josh B.

“I am self-employed, have my own excavating company. I currently have 3 machines – a 2011 Komatsu 228, a 2011 John Deere 35d and a Hitachi 330. I can’t explain how helpful Ray has been and how big of a part he has played in me accomplishing my goals. Ray is an open book, he truly wants to see his students succeed because he does not hold anything back. The amount of knowledge and skill passed down to me surpassed all my goals. Ray teaches through many scenarios that may come up in a workplace and builds training exercises to train our skills for them. The demos Ray gives are very detailed and make it very easy to copy his skills.”

– Raman B.

“I just finished the Rayway excavator operator course, and it’s the best course I’ve ever taken! I found the course exceptionally good. Ray, and Jud are top notch. Worth the money to further your opportunities in the field. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I found Ray extremely knowledgeable and great at explaining. Jud is also knowledge and patient. The skills I learnt, are invaluable. I’m thoroughly excited to have the opportunity to enter the workplace as a well-trained operator!”

– Paul H.

“During the last week of the excavator operator course, Ray offered me a job lead. I jumped on it and locked down the job the following week. Ray has an ocean of knowledge and skills, and he is able to pass those skills along in a clear and easy-to-understand way, with emphasis on safety and being productive – key factors in becoming employable. Ray has a grizzly bear exterior but is actually a teddy bear good instructor! Thanks to Ray Richard and the professional staff at Rayway!”

– Cesar O.

“It has been said that Rayway is a great place to learn operating excavators and backhoes. I would agree whole heartedly. Ray and his staff helped make it possible after I had a career ending injury. I am now employed with a builder/developer that Ray referred me to. I start next week in Abbotsford working on a retaining wall. Without the help and guidance Ray gave me, none of this would have been possible. Ray and his staff are all aces in my books. Thank you all!”

– Robert K.

“I wasn’t completely sure what to expect coming into Rayway, but was very pleasantly surprised to be on a machine so quickly. Ray is a very knowledgeable, helpful, good teacher and taught me the skills I needed to know not only to be an operator but to be an EMPLOYABLE operator. I had a ton of fun in the course along the way; it was a pleasure and an amazing opportunity to be taught by such an experienced operator. Huge thanks to Ray, Kata, and of course Jud!! I’m working for a contracting company operating a CAT 140 excavator and a mini CAT 50 excavator.”

– Owen C.

“I just wanted to send a huge thanks to Rayway Operator Training School. A couple of weeks after graduation, I have landed myself with a great company, and got myself in the seat of the newer volvo ec220 excavator. The excavator training provided by the master himself, Ray Richard and his main man Jud, have put me in a great position to excel in my new career. Thanks for everything Ray, Jud, and Kata! All the best and congratulations to the next class who made the wise decision to choose Rayway for their starting point in a heavy equipment operator career!”

– Jeff D.

“Success has a different meaning for some and how and when they achieve it ultimately depends on them. I have had a lot of successes in my life and one of the most important was learning to operate a hydraulic excavator safely and efficiently. More importantly than that is the people who come in to your life and influence you in a positive way. Ray Richard and Rayway Operator Training School Ltd (Kata and Jud) are committed to giving their time and expertise to those who can listen and respect what somebody like Ray can show you. After graduating Rayway I immediately received multiple job opportunities that were provided by Rayway through it’s many business relationships. I decided to accept an offer with a contracting company in Surrey where I was named their VP of Business Development. My responsibilities have me digging on a Kubota 50 Super Series (nice machine), helping to build a Snow Clearing and Brining and Salting Division and supervising a thriving bin disposal business. I encourage anyone who takes this course to use the knowledge that is imparted on you and apply it with your personal confidence that you gain to use all of your skills to find the job you want.”

– John B.

“I found the Rayway course informative and thorough. Ray does a great job of mentoring his skills and abilities in a real-world scenario, installing work habits. The course exceeded my expectations and I was very pleased I was able to get enough one-on-one time with Ray and staff. I found work almost instantly as a site superintendent for a small development firm. My training at Rayway provided me a greater insight and knowledge that helps me build luxury townhouses. Thanks Rayway! I will recommend you to anyone interested in heavy equipment operating training.”

– Todd E.

“I am working for an environmental company out in Richmond. I have been running Cat excavators ranging from 320 to 336. The Rayway course was great. Ray did an excellent job with the demos and made sure we all understood what we were doing, he is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. He made everything very easy to understand and helped make me a more confident operator.”

– James K.

“I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me, the knowledge that you have instilled in me will take me to the road of success! Right now, I am doing exactly what you Ray have taught me how to do. I was able to get employment after graduation due to referral from RAYWAY. As I gained knowledge and experience from RAYWAY I will definitely recommend this school. I saw the sincerity to help us students achieve our goals. Thank you so much. Salute to Ray, Jud and Kata. I will forever be grateful to RAYWAY.”

– Theo R.

“I am now employed full time with a deconstruction company. Its a great group of guys here and all the hours I can handle year round. Boy is all that fine grading you guys made me do paying off! The Rayway course taught me a lot and gave me lots of confidence and understanding of the industry. Ray is super knowledgeable; I couldn’t have done this without his and Jud’s help and patience. Thank you guys for everything.”

– Kelly O.

“I am self-employed, have my own excavating company. I just bought a dump truck and low bed. Taking the Rayway course was the best decision I made. Go look at the rest and then come train from the best. Ray does an outstanding job passing down knowledge to his students. He has the experience and the right attitude towards educating his students. I highly recommend the school to everyone.”

– Kamal J.

“I’m so happy because I am a part of Rayway. I learn so many things it helpful for my future. Staff is so help full. you teach very good. And because my English is not good but both of you help me to understand all things. I’m so happy because I’m doing this job. When I come first day I think I can’t do this but when you teach everything nicely then I like and I enjoy to learn. Mr Ray, Jud and Tessa. A very big thanks to you.”

– Gurjeet S.

“I went into the course right after high school, with no prior knowledge of heavy equipment I was quick to learn with Rayways help. They taught me the skills I needed to get my foot in the door of this career. Not only did they make me feel completely comfortable operating excavators but they also taught me the best way to approach tasks like trenching, backfilling and working around pipes which made me feel comfortable to get right down to work once I was employed. Thanks again to all the staff at Rayway.”

– Tyler M.

“I went to Rayway operator training school, it is my honour to train with my instructor Ray. School itself is very accommodating while training, all questions are answered respectively. I am glad I choose Rayway for future studies. It was affordable for me and staffs are great there. I just had 5 weeks of training but it seemed like I never wanna leave. After I completed my training, I appreciated that I was recommended for a job by My dear friend and Instructor Ray. He does a fair judgment and acknowledge the success of all. Today I have a good job and on my way of success because of Team Rayway. GREAT PEOPLE AND GOOD LEADERSHIP! I would humbly recommend everyone I know to Rayway operator training school”

– Abdul E.

”After taking the courses, multiple job leads were provided to me by Rayway ending in full-time permanent employment. I really respect Ray and think that he went out of his way to personally help me get back in the work force. I would recommend Rayway to others! Thanks for all the great leads. Started work today, going back tomorrow. They are signing me up for the railway safety ticket so it seems I’m in. Running excavator, loader and some maintenance. Starting @ 23/hr. Thanks for all you have done for me. Will keep in touch.”

– Gordon J.

“Just wanted to let you know how happy I am. I got the job with the excavation services company you referred me out to, it’s my 2nd week here! I’ve operating an excavator every day, working on the company’s 1 year project in Aldergrove – digging, site preparation work. The excavator course exceeded my expectations, Rayway went “above and beyond”, many different excavators and a ton of seat time. You’d be lucky if you had a boss like Ray [Rayway’s instructor] with as much knowledge, patience and a sense of humour as him. An expert in his field. Thank you Ray, Jud, Kata and Tessa for everything!”

– Scott M.

”After successfully graduating from Rayway I was able to land an amazing job as an operator on the rigs in Alberta. Making great cash and havin a great time. I owe my success to the course and to Ray Richard. An amazing teacher and an awesome course. I really appreciate all of the knowledge you past on. My trainer told me I’m one of the better rookies he’s had out here. When the oil patch crashed it didn’t take me long to find a local job. I’m currently running all sorts of different machines ranging from the smallest you can think of all the way up to a Link-Belt 225lx and everything in between. The skills I learned at Rayway had more than prepared me for the real world. If not for Rayway I’d still be shoveling dirt instead of bailing it!”

– TJ D.

“I am working with an excavating company in South Surrey, operating Komatsu 228, Komatsu 210, LinkBelt 210, Hitachi 75 and also sometimes John Deere 35. Thanks to Ray for all the help in training, for sharing life experiences with the class that could help us a lot down the future. The theory of the course was to the point. I definitely learned a lot, the course was very well done. I would recommend this course as it does not just teach you how to operate but also teaches other elements like safety, maintenance and how to operate efficiently.”

– Vinny G.

“After completing the excavator operator course, I found a job with a contracting in North Van, operating anything from little Deere 17s all the way up to a Cat 330 doing services. Many of the skills and things Ray taught me, have helped me out a lot and I really appreciate the time Ray, and everyone at Rayway took the time to help me out. Both Ray and Jud provided an exceptional amount of feedback and help. The course exceeded my expectations, and at the end of the course, I felt confident that I would be a great asset for any company!”

– Janko R.

“Soon after graduating from Rayway, I was employed with a small family owned company. Ray not only taught me how to operate an excavator but he also taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful in the heavy equipment industry. Using the skills and knowledge I learned at Rayway, I gained experience and seat time running multiple different pieces of heavy equipment. Now I work for a large scale, well known company. I love my new career!”

– Kevin S.

“I’m running a 50d Deere, t190 bobcat, backhoe, and should be running a big kamatsu front end loader in the winter loading salt trucks. I highly recommend this course – solid staff running the course, excellent equipment to be trained on. I respect the hell out of Ray on and off the machine, excellent demos and explanations of tasks and lessons, preparing students for the real world. Thank you Ray, Kata, and Jud!”

– Spencer S.

“Rayway is definitely worth it. I not only learned a trade, I have the certificate of training which makes me stand out in a competitive market. The program is intense, hands on, and leads to success in the real world! A week after finishing the course, I started working for a construction company. I’ve now run excavators up to a Hitachi 450 – I love my job!”

– Jaspreet J.

“Rayway helped me bring my skill to a whole other level. Ray is an excellent teacher yet so humble and made the class time that much more enjoyable. With the skills I learned, Rayway helped me land a job doing services and excavating. Thank you everyone at Rayway for everything!”

– Brandon D.

“Ray is caring, honest, a great instructor, and a wealth of awesome knowledge. Great course – learned a great deal of things during this course about my abilities when I’m operating. Ray is a man of amazing talents and knowledge. I’m sure going to miss coming to Rayway to learn from him.”

– Kenny F.

“Thank you so much for everything that you have taught us. It has, and will go, a long way in the heavy equipment operating world. I have successfully started working for a large landscaping company in the Langley/Surrey area. The course was loads of fun, and I learnt a lot. I loved that it was mostly hands on and not too much classroom time. Ray was hilarious. With his experience, he was able to show us how things are done properly and safely. Thanks for everything Ray, Jud, and Kata.”

– Riley H.

“I am working for a demolition and excavation company. I’m doing everything from house demolition to building site prep to finish landscaping, operating machines from small John Deere 26G’s to Kubota 57D and 80’s to our brand new Kobelco 210LC. With the wide range of work I have already been doing I am thankful for taking the 8 week Excavator Operator course with Rayway. The extra training and seat time has been a big benefit to transitioning to real world work. Thank you to Ray for his excellent training and always being open to questions regarding getting a job done – great team you have there at Rayway with Jud, Kata and Tessa. Thank you for all you did. Highly recommend Rayway Operator Training School!”

– Jason S.

“Thank you so much for referring me to my job Ray. I’m learning new things every day. The course really prepared me for this job – not only was I able to use the correct terminology and applications I was teaching them a thing or two. Thanks again Ray, Jud, and Kata for everything you’ve done. I’m now enjoying an amazing career as an Excavator Operator!”

– Cam H.

“Rayway taught me so much and helped prepare me for the industry. I took a lot of what Ray had to say into consideration when searching for a job after the course and it paid off!!! The Monday after the course ended I had a list of companies I had researched and by the end of the day I had 2 job offers. I had an interview with a large contracting company specializing in underground utilities, had an orientation on Wednesday and started working on Thursday!”

– Jason D.

“Thank you Ray and staff! With a good recommendation from Ray, I’ve now been hired full time with an underground oil tank removal company. I’ve been operating the excavator every day and loving it! I’m making good money with a good crew and couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the knowledge and skills I learned in your course. I recommend Rayway to anyone looking to get into the industry. Thank you for everything you’ve all done for me, it’s much appreciated!”

– Jason M.

“While I was taking the Rayway excavator operator course, I got a call from an excavating company and they hired me before I graduated. The course is very good, and I will definitely recommend it to other people. Ray has lots of knowledge. Students can ask him as many times as they want for demos. Thanks Ray and Jud for all of your help.”

– Harpreet K.

“Shortly after graduation, Rayway referred me to a company who needed operators. I was interviewed over the phone and offered the job! I couldn’t be happier with the course – I learned a lot. Ray teaches very well, he is a great guy and got us ready for the real world. Definitely worth the time and money!”

– Darryl A.

“Hi Ray and Kata, I just wanted to say thank you for everything again. I really enjoyed the course and learned a ton. I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting into the industry. I wanted to let you guys know that after sending out some resumes on Friday and Saturday I got an email for a job offer and am starting tomorrow morning. I will keep you updated with how it goes. Thanks again for everything.”

– Scott S.

“The Rayway course was great – I learnt lots. Ray is an excellent teacher and his assistant, Jud, is excellent too. The course is professional all the way and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the industry.”

– Barry G.

“I was hired by a contractor within three weeks of graduating. I run small excavators and skid steers, working on drainage, driveways and building foundations. I was very happy with the Rayway course and feel that I got the best training possible. Ray is a good guy and a great teacher. He takes the time to work with each student on a regular basis and teaches them step by step how to do the task assigned in the best way possible. There should be more instructors like Ray!”

– Austin M.

“I just had an interview with a contracting company and he hired me. I can’t thank you guys enough. He’s paying me for a 4hr orientation today. He really liked that I made a good effort to apply and contact him. I really enjoyed being in Ray’s class. The layout of the course really worked for me, everything came to me at the end of the course. I feel that Ray really cares about his students.”

– Davin R.

“I just wanted to express my thanks to you and your staff again for my time spent their. I really feel confident about my ability to start a new job. I can’t thank you enough for the time you spent with me and helping step in to this new career. Which is why I am messaging you. I got a job at Merv’s Excavation starting Monday. I promise to bust my ass because I believe it also speaks highly of your training. I spoke about your business and how I was trained, which is why I believe I got the job. Thank you again!”

– Todd B.

”Hello Ray, Jud , Kata, Tessa. I would like to thank you kindly again for the amazing privilege, for all the knowledge & skills you shared. Witnessing your work of art was impeccably pristine. Especially learning from a Legend! Thank you JUD, Thank you Kata, Tessa. Thanks kindly to all the Rayway Team! I am starting my first day of work tomorrow, in civil work, i had my interview yesterday and they had me operate a 135 john deer, somewhat bigger then a mini, I believe the body had a smaller carriage, I’m stoaked and grateful to have experienced the Rayway Journey to success. Thank you very much Señor Ray Richard I will visit once time permits a day off. Wishing everyone a healthy prosperous year & all the best please thank the rest of the Rayway team & Take Care to all.”

– Elias BP.

“Thank you so much for referring me, I got work with an excavating company specializing in site services. I’m crewed up with a group of really good guys, and they’re showing me the ins and outs of pipe laying. I’m really looking forward to showing them what I learned at Rayway. Ray is a great man with so much knowledge – listen to what he says, pick his brain when you can. Love the no sugar coating attitude. I learned so much from Ray and Jud, and received help whenever I asked. Well planned course, friendly staff – I highly recommend to it to anybody.”

– Dennis N.

“I have been working at an excavating/contracting company since I graduated over 1-1/2 years ago. I am operating Hitachi 350 and Hitachi 470 excavators. The Rayway course was a very good learning experience, I think all the exercises were well done. I was learning from somebody who’s been working in this industry for a long time. Ray is the best instructor anybody can ask for.”

– R.B.

“I took a job laying pipe as an equipment operator/labourer in Lumby with a heavy civil construction company. We are currently installing a water main; I’m learning lots and I get to operate a lot of different equipment. I found the Rayway course to be well done. Ray is a natural at instructing and he gives great demos. He is very knowledgeable about the industry as well as equipment and business in general.”

– Michael J.

“During the 5 week course of me gaining knowledge and experience from the help of Rayway and its Staff, I have now applied my skills at working with one of the most recognizable demolition companies in the lower mainland, I recommend this school for anyone that is interested in operating an excavator, thanks to Ray.”

– Uzi K.

“Hey Ray Hadyn here, thought I would update you since I completed my first 2 days on the job , been in the trench all last week. yesterday I ran a 220w rubber tire Hitachi for 10 hours loading trucks and sorting/moving transfer piles. It’s a lot different on rubber tires and stabilizers took a bit to get used to. today I ran a kamatsu 300 PC. It was a lot more stressful today I was loading transfers which was much more difficult because of the extra height and I also had low power lines directly overhead. Had to get creative and built a road for the trucks to back into cause I was getting nervous with the lines. I had to climb piles as well and was moving through cab deep mud all day. had to avoid power lines again while moving spoil back to the lot for fill. Was very stressful for the first couple hours but got into the swing of it. Def finally helped learning how to dig the bucket in and pull yourself forward else I would have been stuck many times today. I’m spreading good word for rayway”

– Hadyn H.

“I’ve been running grinder, skid steers and the company got me a new jd 75 excavator to use when we have no grinding to do. Was working with atco the gas company that’s out here locating and digging beside one of their lines today. all the training and pointers you gave me help to make me not look like a rookie in the Machine Couldn’t of asked for a better teacher. Talk to you soon.”

– Lucas C.

“I am working for an excavating company that specializes in excavating, site services, trucking and site preparation. I am operating Hitachi excavators 120/135 zero swing and 225, digging basements, foundation, putting in service (sumps), grading driveways. Rayway’s course is very good, I think everybody in this trade should take this course. I learned a lot from Ray – the skill, the technique.”

– Hung P.

“I have been working at a manufacturing company over in Abbotsford for a year. I’m running a madill heel boom excavator. Going strong! I am thankful for the time and dedication that Ray has put into my learning experience, expert instructions from a well experienced instructor. The demonstrations from Ray were extremely helpful and informative.”

– Jordan W.

“I have got a job working for a contracting company. I’m on a machine pretty much full time back filling trenches for pipe, so far. All the stuff I have learned at Rayway from Ray has been helping me loads, I get to do so much fun and exciting things. I got to practice on the machine for a min today air digging then I went straight into back filling. I’m operating a John Deere 200LC and am having a great time. Thank you very much for everything I was taught.”

– Trevor H.

“Ray has a lot of experience, he is the best teacher. My background was as a heavy duty mechanic. I was happy to take the course… I found a job, they pay me $30 an hour! Thank you for everything!”

– Zahed H.

“I went to Rayway for both the excavator operator and loader backhoe operator courses and loved it! I’m now working and making $27 an hour. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses and Ray sticks to a hands-on teaching method. Rayway is the best school I’ve ever attended.”

– Greg U.

“Hello Kata & Ray, I have achieved a job! excited to get my career started and I just thought you guys should know that! I’m working for Matcon at there dump site. I will keep you guys updated with how I’m doing and progess. Hope all is well.”

– Ryan S.

“Rayway helped me get the training needed to stand out in the crowd and secure me the job, which I have been at for almost two years and I love it!”

– Cam O.

“Soon after graduation, I was hired by a local company to excavate. The Rayway course not only met, but exceeded my expectations.”

– Sam K.

“I was blessed to take this course. Ray is an instructor who gives clear concise instructions and makes the course enjoyable. Old school guy with class. I’d recommend this school to all my friends who might be looking into a rewarding career.”

– Pete G.

“Hey Ray its Ryan, today I started my first job, the job is with Sidhu excavation, apparently they as well are grads from Rayway, 3 brothers. I operated a 225 Doosan doing some grading and a mini Hitatchi backfilling around a foundation. Thank you for the experience and knowledge.”

– Ryan H.

“I’ll be working with a company in partnership with CN rail. I’ll be operating a cat excavator and front end loader. I will also be driving their truck and trailer after loading them up. Thanks for all the training to get me ready for this job.”

– Blake C.

“I’m really busy working out of town for a company specializing in installing bridges for logging and mining roads. I am running an excavator and a rock truck. Lots of log road and bridge work – steep slopes and rip rap. Thanks again for the help with my new career. Thanks Ray, I have learned lots and always learning!”

– Rob M.

“Got a job digging trenches and holes for sump pumps and cache basins. was originally a one day thing but they liked me so much the contractor said he can keep me busy for as long as I like!”

– Ryan F.

“When the price of oil dropped, I took your course and was able to find more work in the oil field with another company. It got me through when a lot of people and friends of mine were getting laid off. I enjoyed your course and the people and friends I have met there. Thank you Rayway!”

– Cory L.

“I met with the owner of a site excavation and prep specialist company, and I start Monday morning on a site in Tsawwassen; I’m stoked for the opportunity, numerous types of equipment – track trucks, excavators, skid steers, backhoes, and dump trucks. I’m looking forward to the future! Thanks again!”

– Russ E.

“I got the job Ray thanks for the good reference now I just have to work my way up to a button top”

– Cameron O.

“Great camp and meeting a lot of new friends. Really happy to be working up here — at Fort Mckay.”

– Kevin M.

“Thank you for thinking of me, but I just got a job with pnr railworks. Tell Ray thanks for everything.”

– Brayden M.


“Hi there Ray, I have heard good things about you from Kevin, and now on Monday I will have another of your former students Brooke H. trying out for our company. I have a feeling that we will probably be helping each other out a lot in the near future. I was thinking if it’s alright, that I might come to your school and meet you in person and maybe find some new future employees? Have a nice day.”

– Mattias, General Manager…. Contracting Ltd.