If you register and start any course between September 30, 2019 and October 28, 2019, Rayway is offering 10% off!
You could save as much as $2,287 and become employable in a high demand/high paid career in as little as 4 to 12 weeks!
Don’t delay, register today by calling 604-546-7600 or dropping by our training site at 1123 – 272 St., Aldergrove (please call ahead).

Our Training Courses


Rayway is pleased to announce that after confirming with all of our 2019 graduates from January to September, over 90% are now employed as heavy equipment operators!

RAYWAY produces qualified, safety-conscious, entry-level Heavy Equipment Operators.

All RAYWAY courses are fast-paced, competency-based, job-oriented and are in accordance with the regulations set by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia. We meet or exceed all Canadian industry-specific requirements and WorkSafe BC Safety Regulations.

Ray provides patient, personalized attention and doesn’t move on until all your concerns are dealt with, your questions are answered and you fully understand the requested task. He does his best to keep you at ease and to make sure you’re operating in the safest, most productive way possible.

RAYWAY welcomes students of any gender, race or background. We try to limit our courses to 14 students so you get individual attention and training customized to your needs. In addition to operator training, all RAYWAY courses also include:

  • Resume help and job-search advice: how to approach a prospective employer, and where & when to look for jobs that best match your training
  • Advice on purchasing and financing equipment plus how to start and operate a small business
  •  Info on the basic courses and requirements for a person to work in the mining industry in BC and Alberta
  • You’ll also receive a Certificate for completing the included “Excavator Operator Safety Course”

Which course is right for you?

Courses Length Hours Price
Loader Backhoe Operator 4 weeks 160 $9,370
Excavator Operator    (Upgrade) 4 weeks 160 $9,370
Excavator Operator    (Minimum) 5 weeks 200 $10,870
Excavator Operator    (Good) 6 weeks 240 $12,370
Excavator Operator    (Better) 8 weeks 320 $15,970
Excavator Operator/Loader Backhoe Operator Combination (6 weeks EX  then 4 weeks LB)    (Very Good) 10 weeks 400 $18,970
Excavator Operator/Loader Backhoe Operator Combination (8 weeks EX  then 4 weeks LB)     (Best) 12 weeks 480 $22,870

There is no tax charged on tuition. We issue Federal T2202A Tuition Tax Receipts for income tax purposes.​

All of the courses (except Upgrade) involve the same tasks listed below under “Skills you’ll learn” but the longer the course the more time you’ll have on the machines to  develop  your skills.

Classes run Monday through Friday 8 hours a day but start times may vary depending on daylight hours.

RAYWAY does not guarantee employment on completion of any RAYWAY course.

Seat Time:

 One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from students who attended other training schools is that they didn’t get enough practical hands-on training, ie seat time to make them employable as an entry level operator. That’s why at RAYWAY we strive to give you more seat-time than any other operator training school courses of the same duration in western Canada!

In fact, RAYWAY courses are about 90% practical and about 10% theory (classroom). You’ll even operate a machine on the very first day and at RAYWAY there are no simulators – only real hands-on operating newer machines with the latest technologies.

At RAYWAY you won’t lose any seat-time due to statutory holidays, WE WILL MAKE UP THE LOST TIME.

On completion of any RAYWAY course, all students take home:

          • an 8 1/2″ x 11″ framed “Certificate of Achievement” and a laminated wallet card for completing the “Excavator or Backhoe Operator Course”
          • an 8 1/2″ x 11″ framed “Certificate of Completion” and a laminated wallet card for the included “Excavator or Backhoe Operator Safety Training”
          • an 8 1/2″ x 11″ framed picture of you on a machine at Rayway
        • a Rayway hat, toque, coffee mug, pen, course training books and a flash drive of pictures showing your operating achievements!

Invest in your future TODAY


Skills you’ll learn:

RAYWAY courses give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to start a career as an entry-level heavy equipment operator. Here’s a partial list of what we cover. (Loader backhoe course may differ slightly.)

    • residential basement excavations
    • road building
    • backfilling
    • truck loading
    • climbing & descending hills
    • grading
    • fine grading
    • sloping
    • trenching
    • digging under pipes
    • working under wires

    Job-site Procedures:

    • site safety
    • hand signals
    • site preparation
    • using a laser level
    • using an eye level
    • using a builders level

    Equipment Maintenance:

    • filling out pre-trips
    • start-up and shut-down procedures
    • basic preventative maintenance
    • fueling
    • greasing
    • bucket changing
    • track cleaning
    • track adjustment

    Also Included:

    • understanding industry technology
    • safe environmental practices
    • basic estimating
    • reading/interpreting grade stakes & hubs
    • you’ll even learn how to use dowsing rods to locate underground pipes

What You Need:

​The most important requirements are a positive attitude, a strong desire to learn and a sincere interest in becoming a skilled, qualified heavy equipment operator!

You’ll also need:

  • CSA-approved steel-toed safety work boots with ankle protection
  • Pen and note-pad
  • 16′ tape measure
  • Raingear

That’s it! We supply hard hats, high-visibility vests, ear protection, eye protection, gloves, all training materials and free coffee.​

NOTE: For safety reasons, all students must wear Rayway issued hard hats while on the school’s training grounds, there will  be no exceptions.

Admission requirements are: At least 19 years of age or if between 16-18, a parent/legal guardian signature is required, be able to communicate in English and complete an interview with someone from the administrative staff.

With a good attitude, hard work and a strong desire to learn, you will succeed!

Our training site is in the lower mainland of BC, in Aldergrove. A hotel close to the training site, the Best Western Country Meadows Inn (1-800-834-0833), offers reduced rates on accommodation for our students.

Please arrange your own transportation, as there is no public transportation to our site.

To clear up any confusion, there is no mandated licensing, ticketing or certification at this time for operating excavators, backhoes or any other earth moving equipment in BC. The safest way to break into the industry as an entry level heavy equipment operator and hopefully fill one of the  7000 positions becoming available within the next 10 years, is to get formally trained by taking a Government registered and approved “certificate course”. Just as important, is to be able to say I’ve been trained by someone with over 37 years hands-on “OPERATING” experience as there is just NO substitute for experience. It is our opinion that instructors without at least 15-20 years of  “operating” experience in such a dangerous profession have no place in this industry.

We DO NOT agree with certifying inexperienced operators who have just completed a training course. The word “certified” projects to the industry that the said operator has quite some operating experience and therefore gives a false sense to not only the operators but to potential employers.

Our opinion is one shared with many of the contractors and companies we refer entry level operators to.